Economy & Society Summer School

Blackwater Castle, 12-16th of May
 ** applications opening Janurary 2014 **
The summer school is offered to post-graduate students in anthropology, economics, geography, history, organisation studies, management and marketing, politics and sociology. It is specifically tailored to the academic development of doctoral candidates. Participants are invited to contact the organisers with a brief outline of their post-graduate research, with a letter of support from their supervisor. In order to ensure the quality of the experience, the number of participants is limited to 30. Accommodation is offered in the grounds of the castle, and all meals are provided.

  •             The programme of the summer school is composed of academic presentations which address the economy empirically, theoretically, and provide directions and challenges for students. Furthermore, a core aspect of the summer school will be small group work, where staff will present key contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches, and students can discuss their own research-in-progress. Key readings will be distributed electronically one month in advance.
  •             After the first day of the school, the schedule will be composed of reading groups, parallel sessions and plenary lectures. Dinner is at 6pm, followed by a choice of activities: there is live music in the bar, a film club (open to suggestions) and a ‘salon’ where issues emerging from the central theme of the school will be discussed collectively. Additional highlights include a bonfire, and a visit to nearby Bridgewater Abbey, weather permitting.
  •             On the final day of the summer school, students may participate in writing workshops, applying the paradigms they have explored in their reading groups to their own research problems. These short collaborative articles will be posted on the school website.

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