Deloitte’s 3rd Salesforce Developer Bootcamp: Apply now!

Deloitte Alexander Competence Center | September 2020


3rd Salesforce Developer Bootcamp!

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Starts on October 12th!


Don’t miss out the opportunity to be trained in our 3rd Salesforce Developer Bootcamp, organized by Deloitte Alexander Competence Center in Thessaloniki, and get hired as a Junior Developer!


In a snapshot:


·        Start date: 12th of October

·        Duration: 5 weeks

·        Location: Online

·        Where can I find more information on the Salesforce Platform? Salesforce Trailheads


The snapshot was useful now give me more details please!


It’s a 5-week online programming training that will start on October 12th, 2020, and is completely free of charge! This is the 3rd edition of the program, while the first two led to the hiring of more than 80% of the participants! Upon completion and based on your performance, you will have the opportunity to join us with a full time contract and have the chance to acquire the official Salesforce Developer Certification!


Got it! What will I do as a Salesforce Developer?


You will get the chance to meet the Salesforce CRM Cloud platform and its integrated technology stack. Either working on the back-end with APIs or the front-end with modules and with the out-of-the-box tools of the Salesforce platform, the goal is the same: to deliver personalized solutions for our customers, using state of the art technologies!


Tell me what I need to apply!


You only need your passion for developing and a solid knowledge of Object Oriented Programming. The rest will be done through the Bootcamp training that will prepare you for a full stack developer role!


You haven’t applied yet?

Apply here to secure your place till October 6th, 2020, and  be part of our Salesforce Developers team.









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