ICT Internship Opportunities in the UK

The European Student Placement Agency UK team has an urgent need for an interns for three ICT positions. We would be grateful if you could share this great opportunity with your students, exchange students and ERASMUS+ grant holders.

Please click on the link and share the PDF with keen students:

The Host Company, which is looking for an intern in App Development for iOS and Android is an award-winning team of mobile consultants and mobile app development experts who, in the past seven years, has worked across multiple sectors with many prestigious clients.

The second Host Company, which is looking for an App Web Development intern, specialises in developing solutions for real world problems using advanced digital technology, they turn data into knowledge enable better informed decisions. Having worked in such sectors as defence and education, they are currently developing a community engaging web application for non-profit organisations. They have designed the web application with front and back end features to help clubs, associations and charities plan,manage, communicate and implement community engagement

To briefly remind, our service is completely free and interns receive benefits in the form of accommodations, paid utility fees and a commuter's travel. 

If your students are interested, please direct them to our website to register. Afterwards, they can contact elisabeth.albrecht@espauk.com to begin the procedure. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and have a great week! 

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